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Twilight: Break it Down

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Twilight: Break it Down When photographing interiors, the quality and intensity of sunlight, outside, is important, but is rather permissive. You'll likely want to shoot during the day (because dark windows would be odd, unless you have something specific in mind) and perha [...]

To JPEG or not to JPEG

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It has become a truism nowadays to say that although our most important images should be shot in raw format to preserve maximum potential, when it comes to casual images (family snapshots and such), shooting JPEG makes sense to save time and disk space. A [...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the D800

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the D800 When Nikon revealed the specifications of their upcoming D800 camera, the long awaited successor to the D700 (1) , people's jaws dropped in amazement at its leapfrogging 36 megapixels resolution. This was then systematically followed by a stream of "Yeah [...]

Flash Color Variations

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Flash Color Variations When working with flash, one has to be aware that the color of the burst might vary slightly as the power is changed. Common wisdom has it that the more you decrease the power of the flash, the more it warms up (with higher end units typically maintaining [...]

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