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The Little Chalet That Could

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The Little Chalet That Could I was meeting a friend at a small country house, up north, for some portraits. When we arrived at the location, I realized it was a place that could have found its way in Shelby Lee Adams' work—a rather unattractive setting, to say the least. It didn [...]

Suggesting Light

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Suggesting Light I love it when portraits have a warm/cold duality in the light, but it's tricky to find a location where the lights are naturally balanced and positioned to create this look. Easier is to find (or set up) a location where a warm ambient light (a lamp [...]

Let it Flare

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Let it Flare This is a picture I made back when I was testing out Speedlite (small, battery-powered flashes) setups outside . An easy way to get away with the power limitation of those units is to shoot in a darker environment where you don't have the full power [...]

The Gentleman

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The Gentleman I had been wanting to take a picture of my friend Mathieu for Movember , as he traditionally sports an impressive moustache, but the timing wasn't right. I ended up bringing my equipment to his place a few weeks later to make a tongue-in-cheek portrait o [...]

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