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The Little Chalet That Could

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The Little Chalet That Could I was meeting a friend at a small country house, up north, for some portraits. When we arrived at the location, I realized it was a place that could have found its way in Shelby Lee Adams' work—a rather unattractive setting, to say the least. It didn [...]

Suggesting Light

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Suggesting Light I love it when portraits have a warm/cold duality in the light, but it's tricky to find a location where the lights are naturally balanced and positioned to create this look. Easier is to find (or set up) a location where a warm ambient light (a lamp [...]

Up Close

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Up Close Back in 2009 I made a series of head shots of some of my friends. The first picture I made was a happy accident—the result of fooling around with lights. I immediately liked what I saw: light that made the subject look very serious and gloomy. T [...]

Let it Flare

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Let it Flare This is a picture I made back when I was testing out Speedlite (small, battery-powered flashes) setups outside . An easy way to get away with the power limitation of those units is to shoot in a darker environment where you don't have the full power [...]

The Gentleman

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The Gentleman I had been wanting to take a picture of my friend Mathieu for Movember , as he traditionally sports an impressive moustache, but the timing wasn't right. I ended up bringing my equipment to his place a few weeks later to make a tongue-in-cheek portrait o [...]

Flash Guns In the Sun

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Flash Guns In the Sun One way to give an exterior portrait a moody look is to use flash—even during the day, when the sun is still out. But how much power do you actually need to beat the sun at its own game? As a proof of concept, I decided to go out with a bunch of small, ba [...]

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