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It's all just a façade

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It's all just a façade "Okay, so it's a building's façade. What about it?" I can see how one may react this way, but on the contrary, it was a rather challenging image to make. Where would be the fun in this if it was just a click away? Let me show you what it looke [...]

Under cover of trees

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Under cover of trees Sometimes, a situation conspires to make things impossible for you. When this happens, a part of you starts to worry that the image you have in mind simply won't be feasible—but a challenge is also stimulating, and the most difficult images are often the [...]

Like a Ton of Bricks

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Like a Ton of Bricks There's a lot of talk about whether things should be done "in camera" or "in post-production", and photographers often find pride in the idea of nailing a shot at capture time, requiring as little post-production as possible. "We'll just fix it in Photos [...]

Saving Images for the Web

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Saving Images for the Web When exporting images for the web, resizing them down and saving them as JPEG one by one isn't a proper approach—it's tedious, and incomplete. There are a number of additional steps that are important to take into consideration. Sharpening Every i [...]

To JPEG or not to JPEG

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It has become a truism nowadays to say that although our most important images should be shot in raw format to preserve maximum potential, when it comes to casual images (family snapshots and such), shooting JPEG makes sense to save time and disk space. A [...]

On Vignetting

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On Vignetting I find that almost every one of my images benefit from some amount of "artificial" vignetting—a darkening of the periphery of the image. I must qualify that observation by noting that, like every technique, if it is overdone, or performed indiscriminate [...]

Adding Contrast: Curves Vs. Levels

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Adding Contrast: Curves Vs. Levels Adding contrast to an image is often a good way to give it more character, more "punch". It basically means making the dark tonalities darker and the bright tonalities brighter . This can be easily accomplished using a Curves adjustment layer, by pushi [...]

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