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The YongNuo Speedlite YN560EX

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The YongNuo Speedlite YN560EX What do you look for in a flash gun? It depends on your needs, naturally. If you need an on-camera flash with full TTL support and the ability to remotely control other flash units, that's one thing. But do you need all of those features if you're only ev [...]

Big Lights for your Speedlites

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Big Lights for your Speedlites Your first steps in strobist territory probably involve a variation on the typical basic kit: a flash gun, a small light stand, a bracket, an umbrella (~42") and a trigger (or cable). That works just fine for a simple, one-light kit you can take everywher [...]

Flash Guns In the Sun

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Flash Guns In the Sun One way to give an exterior portrait a moody look is to use flash—even during the day, when the sun is still out. But how much power do you actually need to beat the sun at its own game? As a proof of concept, I decided to go out with a bunch of small, ba [...]

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