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Mont-Saint-Hilaire Outing

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I'm always keen in a photo outing, such as on that perfect winter day when I had a chance to go walk around the Mont-Saint-Hilaire with a group of photo enthusiasts. This was a rare opportunity, because the skies were clear, yet the temperature was very mild.

Where should we go first?

I've been many times to the Mont-Saint-Hilaire, but this was my first time during the winter—I didn't even know the park was open to the public at that time.

Lac Hertel

Dry leaves

It's interesting to see what other photographers bring with them on such outings. Some bring along a simple kit zoom lens, others have an elaborate set of tools to be ready for any situation, and some decide to only bring an old film camera with a single prime lens. I decided to bring one of my favorite lenses, the 24mm tilt/shift, hoping to create something different yet.

Lac Hertel from above

Tree stump

I find that, as an exercise, limiting myself to a smaller set of tools forces me to look at things differently, instead of going to the spontaneous things I might have done.

Our photo bags (mine is third from the right!)

Mont-Saint-Hilaire has multiple summits of different heights and trails of different lengths. Having tried them all, I find that the "Pain de Sucre" summit offers the most rewarding view. It is also a shorter trip, but one that has a steeper angle.


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